90's eurodance music is very popular all over the world and have a fans everywhere. We are happy to present you a concept that you gonna love and want to have. This concept can be applied to festival, hall, clubs according your needs. We do have over 50 eurodance artist on our profile for you but thats not all.

We does it mean ALL IN ONE concept ?

  • You will get a brand to your event "90's explosion" that is know, catchy, cool and trendy.
  • We suggest and book for you the right artist for your event.
  • We supply you with the graphic according to your needs ( flyers, tickets, baners, posters, billboards ) to save your cost. 
  • We will help you and suggest you what PR for the event to use and what works. 
  • We can do merchetising design for you as well, to keep your visitors happy. 
  • We will manage for you the artist local management so you can focus to other important bits of your event to be success. 
  • We are going to push a promo for your event by the artist side, this will make a profile to your event and get interest of media.
  • We would manage a PR and interviews of the artist on the event ( need to be specify before the event ). 

What do you think ? If you like it, just call, e-mail us and we start work on it !