Best party time, great memories, songs that everybody know and love, friends that we feel happy to be with. 

At 2008 we have created the concept "90s explosion" that is bringing the eurodance 90s music to the fans all over the world. We have start organize events and book the artist for clients for several different occasions and as we went on with passion, dedication and helpful mean to this movement, we become well respected brand by artist and our clients. Since that time we have organized under our concept many events in different places and promote the artist in different markets. Our mission was always to help the clients with all the services and artist with promotion and as a booking agent.  When artist saw our passion and helping form that we do for them, our profile of artist become the largest list of 90's artist that you can have. 

We are happy to help you to bring the dream to possible and successful reality like with many others. Do you feel like, this is event exactly for you and your visitors ?  Let us help you and you will get full package.

Concept, artist, branding and much more.



We saw that there has been many people that love a 90s music and even till now they play this music in the clubs and discos, so we have create the concept to join two that need to be linked ARTIST ~ PUBLIC. 

 Many of our clients had a bad experience with booking artist, so we took care of it as we deal with artist and managements directly to make everything nice & smooth.

We do care for your event and we want to see your event is successful, so we are helping you with promotion behalf of artist by do a video invitation




Potřebujete se spojit s vašimi klienty nejen na mentální a rozumové úrovni, ale také na emoční a vztahové úrovni, potřebujete říct, kdo jste, čemu věříte, jaké jsou vaše vize, názory a myšlenky. Skrz tento obsah otevřere srdce a v budoucnu i peněženku vašich klientů.